Professional, trusted, local family owned & operated since 2005
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 We are proud to offer complete pet, home & yard care. With years of experience providing exceptional care and service, Jeve's Pet Care Inc. is your complete care service provider.  
 Our team will try to maintain the environment and routine you have encouraged for your pets. We give our full attention, care and love at all times while caring for your dear friends.
 Our housekeeping will have you looking forward to coming home and our yard maintenance will have you tiptoeing through the grass.
Yard care include; poop pick up, grass cutting, leaf raking, plant watering, etc..                               * Minimum of 1 hour
While we're there, add extra care

Nail clipping                               $ 10
Garden Watering                        $ 10
Medicine administering                $ 10.5
    Oral, topical or injectable

Pet Transport To Vets                  $ 30 One way
                                                 $ 55 Return       
Medicine/ Food pick up                $ 16   Per trip  

Key pick up/drop off                    $ 16   Per trip
    Within London City limit

Over 2 pets per household               Add    $ 6.5

Service Cancellations

Less than 24 hours notice                           $ 10
Less than 48 hours notice for overnight        $ 25

​                                                    Holidays 

30 minute visits                         Add      $ 10
 In Home stays                          Add       $ 25
     All statutory holidays

Dog Walking
30 minute
*  5 x weekly
45 minutes​
60 minute
$ 22
$ 21
$ 2​7
$ 31
Service consists of walk/exercise, bathroom breaks, fresh clean water, food if necessary, play and love.
​                              * Monday – Friday    Between 9.00 Am to 4.00 Pm
Cats, Birds, Fish, Hamsters, Reptiles, etc.
30 minute
45 minutes
60 minutes
In Home Stay
                       24 hour Care
$ 21
$ 27
​$ 31
Service consists of fresh clean water, food, litter or crate cleaned, play and love.              See Policies and Procedures for details.
$ 85

Service consists of caring for your pets in your home. Food and water, exercise, bathroom breaks, play & love are provided.  Perfect for multiple pets.               See Policies & Procedures for details.
In Home Grooming

Medium large                 
In the comfort and safety of you and your pets home.  We use gentle and safe practices while grooming. Wash, clips, nails, dematting, brush outs, puppy cuts are offered. We groom both dogs and cats.                                  See Policies and Procedures for details. 

4 x 60 minutes
1 x 60 minute
We work with you and your dog family members to build a friendship and bond through confidence, communication, understanding and proper care.
See Policies and Procedures for details. 
$ 220
$ 60
Housekeeping ​   Pet Friendly​
60 minute
$ 32
Our detailed, professional Housekeeper will sweep, dust, vacuum, mop and more. Look forward to coming home.
* Minimum of 2 hours
Yard Care​       Pet Friendly
60 minute
$ 26
Emergency Visit

24 hours notice or less 30 minutes         Add $ 10
48 hours notice or less Overnights.        Add $ 25                                     Same service provided


Payment due every second Friday. Payment due 15 days after completion of service by 
cheque, E-mail Transfer or cash.                 

Make cheques payable to Jeve's Pet Care Inc.

Fee applied to late payment.

Severe or Extreme Weather

Walks for dogs will be 10-15 minutes, plus 15 minutes indoor play. Or cancellation of visit with reasonable prior notice.
Delays may occur

​    Providing years of service in London, we have gotten to know our community very well.  With volunteering, fundraisers, participating in community events and shopping local, we plan to continue to serve and support London for many years to come.
    As we grow, we will continue to encourage and help London become an animal loving, environmentally conscious and caring city.  
    We believe London can be leaders of our treatment of our animal friends; both domestic and wildlife, and our environment and community.  Please join us in making London a forward thinking, animal loving, tree hugging and conscientious place to live, grow and be balanced.
​Effective October 1, 2021
Nail Clipping- Dogs, Cats & Rabbits
Additional pets
$ 25 for one pet
Home Watch
$ 25
While away for extended periods of time, have us do a walk through of your home to ensure it is safe and secure!
$ 60 to $ 110
$ 80 to $ 130
$ 100 to $ 150
Extra charge may apply for severe mats, aggressive behaviour, fleas or medical conditions.  Discretion of JPC Inc.
$ 85 to $ 135
Pet Transport      1 way
                        2 way
$ 40
$ 75
Transporting your pets to and from the vets safe and stress free.
Medicine Pick Up
$ 30
Pick up from Veterinary clinic and deliver to your home. 
Administering of Oral, Topical or Injectable medication.
Rate based on 2 dogs per household
Medicine Administering only
Mats Only Removal for dogs and cats for health and aesthetics. Your pets will love it.
$ 25
$ 10 per extra pet 
$ 55
Rate based on 2 pets per household
Mat Removal
All prices subject to change with prior notice. HST extra
Meet & Greet, plant watering & mail collecting
*With service booked. Some restrictions apply.​
Rate based on 2 pets per household
$ 35
Lawnscaping​   Pet Friendly
60 minute
Planting, organizing and creating your perfect yard.                                                                           * Minimum of 1 hour
Out of town care
Subject to availability

30 minutes                               Add         $ 10
Overnights                               Add         $ 25
$ 10 per
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